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Swimmer Responsibilities

Be on time for training

Swimmers must contact their respective coach when missing a scheduled workout. It is the responsibility of the parent/swimmer to ensure the coach is adequately notified of non-attendance well in advance of the scheduled workout to ensure coaches adequately document attendance. This is absolutely necessary when coaches determine eligibility for participation in meets, training camps, awards etc.

Communicate regarding non-availability for swim meets

advise as per "procedures from withdrawing from a meet"

Observe pool rules at all times

parents are not allowed to sit or stand on the pool deck during swim practices

Centennial Pool entry

entry is through the pool deck entrance doors and not through the change room entry doors off the corridor. The change room doors are locked from the start of the practice to the completion of the practice for the safety of the swimmers.

No Valuables

swimmers should not bring any valuables (e.g. money, jewelry, electronics) to the pool.

No street shoes on the pool deck


No running on the pool deck or change rooms


Food is not allowed in the pool area

plastic or aluminum water bottles-no glass

Lane rope protocol

do not hang on the lane ropes, it breaks them, and they are expensive.