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Each season, a swim club must register (or re-register) our officials with Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada.  To become registered as an official with York Swim Club for the 2021-22 season please use the link to provide required registration information.

  • 2021-22 Officials Registration linklinks to external site -- please ensure to pick 'York Swim Club' as your club and click 'Submit' 
  • Note each official will need to login to their Swimming Canada officials account and complete the required consents - more info on how to complete consents

Online Officials Clinics

  • Swimming Canada offers some official clinics online.  Instructions to take these online clinics -  here.
  • Online Clinics available
    • Intro to Swim Officiating
    • Safety Marshal
    • Chief Timekeeper


Webinar Officials Clinics

Offered by Swim Ontario in October, February, and May. Stay tuned for 2020-21 Webinar clinic schedule.

More Info about Swim Officiating? -- Please visit  the Swim Ontario websitelinks to external site  Look under the 'Officials' tab.

Copies of Official Clinic Material?  -- go herelinks to external site

Officials Education Pathway?  -- go here links to external site

How to be certified as an Official (different levels)? -- go herelinks to external site