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Policies and Expectations

Code of Conduct

All swimmers, parents, officials, volunteers and coaches will abide by the Swim Ontario Comprehensive Code of Conduct and Ethics.  Please review and follow - herelinks to external site

Stay Informed

Visit Centennial Pool at least once a wok and read the swim club bulletin board

Check your email daily

we use email to notify parents of upcoming meets, changes in practice times, unscheduled pool closures etc. It is important that we have an accurate email address for you so you can receive timely updates on club activities

Attend parent meeting

your input is valuable and necessary

Watch your swimmer from the viewing areas

parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practices except for the last 15 minutes of the swim practice. This is a strict requirement of the City of Toronto Parks and Recreation

Supervision of swimmers

supervise your swimmer. There is NO supervision of swimmers before or after scheduled swim practice times. York Swim Club is not responsible for supervision of swimmers outside the swimmer's training hours. Lifeguards are not responsible for supervising swimmers outside the pool area. The coaches and lifeguards are NOT required to remain after practice to supervise swimmers who have not yet been picked up.

Keep your account in good standing


Support the coaches and team with a positive attitude

if there is a concern, please discuss with the coach first, at an appropriate time

Meet all your volunteer commitments