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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to earn participation points. If you have an idea, please bring it to the attention of the board of directors. The list below includes many opportunities.

  • Participation Points Manager- responsible for maintaining a record of all participation points earned by each member. It is the responsibility of swimmers and their parents to inform the PPM when points are earned. Points are earned as outlined below. The PPM is responsible for responding to any enquiries about points and provide a point status by the end of November-February-May-Year End. See previous definitions session for  participation points cheque cashing policy.
  • Officials/Officiating Positions- York Swim Club hosts invitational meets each year. We require that all new and returning parents attend the Officials Clinic to achieve at least a level 1 Timer qualification. We also encourage our parent to achieve other officiating position qualifications. A timer must be at least 14 years of age and certified level 1. Typical positions at a swim meet are: Meet Manager, Referee, Starter, Clerk of Course, Chief Head Timer, Place Judge, Strokes and Turns Judge, Chief Finish Judge. If you require more information regarding officiating and workshops, please contact the York Swim Club Officials Chairperson and visit the Ontario Swim Officials Association Website.links to external site
  • Equipment Manager- The equipment manager is responsible for ordering and managing team equipment purchased for the swimmers. The equipment must be kept in an orderly fashion. All sales should be recorded with costs and payment records attached. A quarterly inventory report together with financial record keeping is expected.
  • Meet Manager- is responsible for the preparations of meet package and Hy-Tek file for all York Invitational swim meets. Te distribution of the files to swim clubs and the listing of the files with Swim Canada is also the responsibility of the meet manager. Swim meet entries-complilation of the psyche sheets and the swim meet program and all related pieces to get the final meet program executed rest with the meet manager. The meet manager works closely with the meet referee the day of the meet.
  • Pool Representatives- The representatives for each swim group has the responsibility of liaising with the swim group, club office personnel, the coach regarding all matters that affect them in the club. Any problems or concerns in the communication process may be passed on throughout he pool representative to the coach or president. The pool representative will be called upon to contact the parents for various functions where help and or donations are needed. Working hand in hand will ensure that information is relayed on in a timely fashion. The pool representative should be on site at least weekly to stay abreast of the club's activities.
  • Swim-A-Thon Representative-duties include ordering Swim-A-Thon kits on line from the Swim Ontario Website (Usually by January 31), distributing the kits to eligible York Swim Club families, liaising with the head coach to determine a date to hold the Swim-A-Thon, organizing deck officials for lap counting, coordinating the after Swim-A-Thon social (reservation of the room for food and drink and clean up), collection of signed family affidavits, entry of the eligible pledges of donors requesting a tax receipt onto the Swim Ontario Website and completing and submitting the Swim-A-Thon reports to Swim Ontario. A more detailed description of requirements can be found here Swim Ontario Swim-A-Thon Guidelineslinks to external site

Swimming laps for the Swim-A-Thon is mandatory for the swimmers. Collection of pledge for the Swim-A-Thon is voluntary. To recognize the effort involved in collection of pledges, participation points will be awarded to families at a rate of 1 participation point for every $25.00 collected to a maximum of 8 participation points or $200 collected.

Participation Points

Board Membership

 President  40
 Vice-President  30
 Treasurer  40
 Secretary  30
 Members-at-Large  20


Swim Ontario Registration  10 
 York Swim Club Database Registration  10
 Equipment Manager  20
 Swim-A-Thon Chairperson  15
 Swim-A-Thon Assistants (2 maximum)  15 each
 Bingo Chairperson  20 per year
 Officiating Clinics (2 per year at Swim Ontario  3 per clinic
 Swim Meet Food Organizer (meetsx3-4, phone tree  20
 Swim Meet Clean Up Organizer (all club hosted meets)  20
 Donation of food stuffs  variable
 Officials Coordinator (club hosted meets)  20
 Blue Book Editor  20
 Corporate Sponsorship Manager  15
 Club members providing corporate sponsorship for a single club hosted meet  2

Club members providing corporate sponsorship for all club hosted meets

 Website Manager 40
 Participation Points Manager  20
 Meet Manager  40
 Club Meet Entry Coordinator (with entry distributions)  40
 Communications Manager  20
 Pool Representative (one per group/coach)  20
 Club Photographer  20
 Chaperone (away meets)  15
 Bingo Volunteers  3 per session
4 per each Bingo "Madness"
6 during July and August-Applied to following season

Participation Points will be granted to "other jobs" not specifically listed above as the club dictates.