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Withdrawing from Meet

If a swimmer/family knows ahead of time that they will not be able to participate in a specific meet the following must occur:

  1. The swimmer needs to notify/speak with their coach.... AND....
  2. The parent/guardian needs to send an e-mail that the swimmer will not be able to attend the meet/day.  These emails need:
    • to be sent to the coach and the entry coordinator at yorkswimclub@gmail.com
    • to have a subject indicating the meet name and the swimmer's name
    • to have the body of the email to state exactly the meet name, days, and swimmer(s) that will not be able to participate in the meet.
    • to be sent at least 1 day prior to the scratch deadline for that meet.
If proper notification is received, we can ensure that the swimmers name is not in the meet program, and that the entry fees will not be charged to your account.  If you do not provide notification in sufficient time, entry fees will be charged to your account, and the swimmers name will remain in the meet program.  Please don't let this occur -- we all hate to go to meets and see empty lanes, it tarnishes our club name (and may prevent our entries being accepted at future meets), and you waste money (paying for entry fees for swims your swimmer never swam).