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Fundraising Purpose

Fundraising dollars are used to defray program expenses for all swimmers and may be used for:

  • coach salaries and pool rental
  • coach and chaperone travel
  • swimmer travel
  • needed swim equipment-storage lockers, kick-boards, lane ropes, backstroke flags etc.
  • software/hardware required to manage the team administration and club hosted swim meets, stop watches, clip boards, etc.
  • team awards-ribbons, medals, trophies, swimmer incentives

Your participation is necessary in the fundraising events so we can provide our swimmers with a good coaching staff, necessary equipment and proper facilities and keep our fees as low as possible.

Fundraising Sources

York Invitational Swim Meets

York Swim Club will be hosting at least 2 meets during the swim season. Information about the meets will be posted on the website and on the bulletin board at Centennial pool. Our hosted meets for the season will be:

  • York Invitational- mid November (Saturday, Sunday) - 6 sessions at Etobicoke  Olympium
  • York Santa - mid December (Sunday) - 2 sessions - York Recreation Centre

It takes approximately 30 volunteers to run each session. Without parent volunteers, York Swim Club would be unable to successfully hold meets. Help is needed in setting up early the first day (setting up chairs and tables, moving out timing equipment, posting heat sheets etc). Volunteer are required during the meet to run the concession and sell programs, for all deck official jobs from timers to referee and to organize the food for the officials and coach between sessions. At the end of the meet, we need help tearing down and cleaning up. Please plan on being involved with these exciting and fun meets. Remember to dress lightly,white shirt/top (with York logo preferred), and black bottoms (pants/skirts/shorts & shoes) -- it is hot and humid on deck.

Even if your child is not swimming in the meet, you are expected to participate in officiating etc.  

Every competitive family is required to provide at least one worker/helper for every single session (your $200 Hosted Meet holding cheque will be cashed should this requirement not be met).


York Swim Club parents assist in the running of the bingos held at "Ultimate Bingo", located at 5601 Steeles Avenue West (Pine Valley Drive). Three volunteers aged 18 years and over, are needed for each 3 hour Bingo session and duties involve selling bingo cards, paint out the winners of the bingo games and counting and depositing the proceeds of the bingo session. The bingo coordinator must submit a monthly report to the City of Toronto, renew the gaming licence every six months and attend the annual general meeting of charitable organizations involved with the bingo. Even though the York Swim Club has the chance to work at the bingos only two or three times per month, this opportunity raises a significant portion of our annual fundraising revenues, $8000-$12,000 annually.

The Bingo coordinator will post a schedule of bingos (time and date) allocated to the York Swim Club for volunteers to sign up for on the club website. Please use this link from our site to sign up.) It is very important that you, the volunteers, follow through with your commitment to work at the bingo or inform the bingo coordinator that you are unable to help as promised with enough time to find a replacement. This is a very lucrative fundraising activity for the club and helps pay for pool rental, coaches' salaries and thus, keeps club fees down.

Participation points are awarded to volunteers at three participation points per bingo session worked. During the summer months, participation points are doubled and credited toward the next swim session's required participation points.


The annual Swim-a-thon, held each April, is a key fundraiser conducted by the York Swim Club and most Swimming Canada Affiliated clubs. The money raised by York Swim Club swimmers goes directly to York Swim Club.

Other Fundraisers

  • Gift Cards- not currently operating
  • Vesey's- not currently operating
  • Macmillan's- no currently operating
  • Plants- not currently operating

Participation points for fundraising are earned at 1 point for every $5.00 profit the club earns for fundraising. A family can earn up to 50% of their total required participation points from fundraising.