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Chaperone Guidelines

The Head Coach, in consultation with the President, has control over the chaperone selection for all away meet as well as rooming arrangements for the swimmers.

Chaperones will be assigned as the number of traveling swimmers warrants. Chaperoning provides parents with an opportunity to assist the team, get to know the other swimmers on the team and to better understand swim meet procedures and events. York Swim Club provides chaperones with transportation and lodging. It is an important job that must be undertaken by York Swim Club adult members. The chaperone's primary job is to be responsible for each member of his/her group of swimmers. If you are interested, contact the travel co-ordinator.

Chaperone Guidelines

At each out of town swim meet that the swim team travels and stays overnight at a hotel, the club requires a team of one to three chaperones.  Chaperones must now have a Vulnerable Sector Security Check completed.

Chaperones will be provided with a list of all swimmers participating, including swimmers' Health Card Numbers (strictest confidence), medications (if any, including type, frequency and dosage) and known allergies. Additionally, parents' names and telephone numbers where they can be reached during the day and evening and emergency medical information and known allergies will be provided to the chaperones.

 The Coach is responsible for the swimmers on Pool Deck during the Swim Meet and turns the responsibility over to the chaperone for all other times. The chaperone works with the Coach and honours the coaches' requests for off-deck behaviour.

Chaperone Responsibilities

  • travel with the club and may be required to pickup/drop off the Club rental vehicle
  • pick up and deliver swimmers to the designated departure/arrival locations
  • organize meal locations
  • ensure that swimmers are resting when they are not swimming (between heats and finals)
  • be aware of swimmers at all times (i.e. their whereabouts and return times and ensuring that they are in groups of three)
  • monitor swimmers when they are in their rooms and enforce bedtime curfews-(as per Coaches' instructions)
  • be the first one awake in the morning and the last one in bed at night
  • observe the code of conduct
  • (if required) arrive one day early to help with the team arrival or to stay one day extra to ensure everyone returns home safely
  • in consultation with the Head Coach, work out travel, rooming, eating and travel logistics
  • obtain and hold medical releases, profile forms, passports, code of conduct agreements, contingency funds, rooming list etc.
  • on disciplinary matters, consult with the coaching staff and upon direction from Head Coach, carry out any reasonable action deemed necessary
  • act as witness if Head Coach is required to take disciplinary action
  • submit overall report including suggestions for future considerations

In order to cut down on swimmer costs and ensure that the swimmers are getting enough rest, it is suggested that the chaperones prepare food at meal times for all swimmers as much as possible. The club has appliance to take along on "away meets".

*swimmers are required to bring and to wash their own dishes (bowl, plate and cup) and cutlery (fork, spoon and knife)

Chaperone Meal Ideas



pancakes, french toast, sausages, cereal, toast, fruits, yogurt, fruit salad, bagels, croissants, jams, honey


Filled pasta with or without sauce/cheese, cold cuts/tuna sandwiches, salad, cut up vegetables with dip, fruit

 It is important that swimmers get a lot of fruits and vegetables during competitions. They tend to eat fruit salad and cut-up fruits and veggies rater than just an apple or an orange. It is a little more work but it is worth it and you know they have eaten!

Away meets are strenuous for the swimmers, coaches and chaperones. It is important to not waste time in restaurants, waiting for food to be ordered and served. These guidelines are expectations from the Club's Board of Directors and the Coaching Staff.

Parent Responsibilities/Guidelines (not chaperoning)

The purpose of these guidelines is to foster and develop independence in our swimmers so they learn to be responsible for themselves.

  • parents must respect and accept that the team stays together at all times on away travel. This includes at the pool, during competition, at mealtimes and at hotels (during overnight trips)
  • the team eats together, swimmers do not eat meals with their parents.  Parents may be offered the opportunity to eat with the team (at discretion of coach and chaperone)
  • the team travels together-to and from all overnight swim meets. The swimmers are not permitted to travel separately from the team unless the coach feels that extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • parents are asked to identify homework or other schoolwork that needs to be completed at away meets and the chaperones will assist in creating a homework environment to meet this need